A.I deep-learning agent


BLC GAMES has Deep Learning-based AI technology.
We possess three major types of technology below:
1. Natural Language Understanding technology; AI can understand human language (text) and also can answer.
2. Facial Recognition technology; Read the human’s face through the camera and understand emotional states.
3. Self-studying Artificial Intelligence technology; AI can learn like human by reading and analyzing patterns.
It means we are able to develop AI agent which can act and response like human, and also we can make NPC which is acting like real user in my level. Moreover, it is possible to develop a game such as presenting certain celebrity in game and create character acting like him, and communicate with users by using IP.
These artificial-intelligence technologies can widely utilize not only game but also various filed.
Also, AI infers the meaning of human’s job by collecting and analyzing patterns, so this enable company to decrease manpower significantly so now AI technology is highly favoured as next-generation core technology.
BLC GAMES has been studying these technology from years ago, we are looking for partners in various field.